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Why the Not by Chance Podcast?

It's hard to define what a successful and happy family is,
much less how achieve one.

In these sessions, Dr. Thayne shares inspiring best practices
gleaned from decades of his own experience
and interviews other experts for their insights related to
the promotion of intentional family living.

Whether your family is in the midst of a major struggle
or you are looking for fresh ideas to help you prioritize
and enhance your home life, this podcast is for you.


May - 7: Give Feedforward - Not Feedback

Dr. Tim Thayne talks about the difference between feedforward and feedback. Feedback is saying the obvious of a previous event, while feedforward is giving good counsel before the event happens. When feedforward is delivered correctly it will make the road to success less painful, less time consuming and more enjoyable.

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Apr - 30: Dr. Thaynes Career Crisis

Dr. Tim Thayne tells his personal story of his career and several of the major changes. He discusses one of his most pivotal career crisis' that lead to him pioneering the aftercare system and starting Homeward bound.

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Apr - 16: Talmage Thayne: Transition From Order to Chaos

Dr. Tim Thayne Interviews his son Talmage. Talmage served a church service mission and found that coming home would be a harder transition than he thought. He shares his story and how he was able to start climbing out of a dark place through understanding his identity, being surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends and knowing he will fail and it's not the end.

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Apr - 9: Feel the Range of Human Emotion

Dr. Tim Thayne Discusses the importance of feeling the range of human emotions. We need to understand the seriousness of any hardship so we can have empathy, but we need to look to the future with hope and optimism. This episode will help you see if you are leaning too far one way or the other and what you can do to gain perspective.

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