The book on intentional family living . . .
Written by Experienced Families.

The Not by Chance Yearbook is unique, written by imperfect,
but striving professionals, parents, and individual willing to
share their family stories of hope and inspiration.

Our goal is to lift the flagging spirits of parents through
authentic personal narratives, motivational quotations, and creative prompts.

The Yearbook awaits, ready to offer cheer, support or fresh ideas when you may
feel you aren't measuring up or are letting others down.

For any family needing connection, comfort, validation,
motivation and celebration, you've found the perfect book.

Inspiring quotations | Beautiful Photography
Real Family Experiences | No Paid Advertising
No Parenting Models or Assignments
What Readers Are Saying:

"How will you ever be able to better this issue for next year?"
—Braden T., Young Adult

"I read it from cover to cover and didn't want to put it down. I am so impressed with this project. It was beautifully put together and left me feeling encouraged and motivated."
—Sara T., Parent

"I received a copy of the Yearbook and I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful. I enjoyed the journaling aspect of it and the way each piece holds my interest and makes me excited to see what's on the next page. Well done."
—Tyra H., Parent/Young Adult Executive Function Coach

"After a particularly difficult evening with my son (disorganization/poor study skills/focus issues/time management) I picked up the yearbook and read through the reflections, stories, and quotes. I felt a calm pass over me. Not because I have any solutions for my son, but because I realize I have been coming at his challenges in a not so productive way. The yearbook is truly a work of inspiration. Thank you."
Daniela W., Parent/Therapist


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Would you like to contribute to the success and happiness of families
around the world? Then we'd love to hear from you. Just send your
original narrative, photography, or list ideas for future issues.

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